[Photon] Low speed green flashing


After flashing my new app, my photon seems to connecting well to the WIFI (low speed cyan) but after maybe 10 seconds, the led is starting to flash green at low speed (the same speed than cyan one when connected). And now I cannot flash OTA again :-/ I can’t find on the photon wiki something related to low green flashing …

Can you show your code?
Your symptoms sound as if your code keeps the device from talking to the cloud.

here the code :

@SadE54, the breathing cyan indicates a good cloud connection while the breathing green shows it is connected to wifi but NOT the cloud. Something in your program is preventing the “background” firmware from running. You could add SYSTEM_THREAD(ENABLED); at the top of your file to allow the system firmware to run in its own thread. :smile:

OK , I got it :slight_smile: But I think I forget to add a SPI.begin for FRAM that explains why the syst was stucked :relaxed:
But thanks for the tip !

@SadE54, yup, forgetting the SPI.begin() would do weird stuff!