Cloud Connection issue

hi Guys:
I recently encounter some cloud connection issues that associate with updating the firmware from 0.4.5 directly to 0.4.9. When I upload my new code to those Photon that has 0.4.5. firmware, the LED gives me breathing magenta. I realized this means the firmware is too old. Therefore I update my Photons’ firmware to 0.4.9 by doing particle update in CLI. Then the cloud connection become very unusual. The LED start flashing green from slow to fast(I think this part is still working correctly), and then the flashing cyan become really short. It flash fast for about 5 times and them it stop flashing(the LED still on, and the color is cyan) for about 0.5 second, and then it repeat this process for a while and them get into breathing cyan for a couple minutes. Then it goes back to connecting cloud(flashing cyan) mode and then on and on and on. Does anyone know what happen to this problem?

The rapid cyan flashing indicates the cloud handshake - I think this is a new color code, not present at 0.4.5.
Rapid green is IP negitiation, I think this also was not present before.

Try to clear and reapply your network credentials.
Do you see a short red/orange burst during rapid cyan?

Could you show your code for further investigation?

clear the credentals? you mean press the setup button when flash blue show up and then keep pressing/holding it until it’s clearing the old connection? I have try it and it doesn’t work.
Yes, it sometimes has red/orange burst during rapid cyan.

There is an odd thing about it. One of my photon doesn’t have this problem. It works properly, other than that the rest of photon runs crazily.

If you have the red/orange burst issue you device has somehow corrupted keys stored and these need to be reset.


particle keys doctor

or any of the threads dealing with this

I put photon in DFU model.
Then type in

particle keys doctor MY_DEVICE_ID

I get Error. It said: Error sending public key to server: Invalid token

I us my company’s cloud. instead photon’s cloud.

I also have this error after installing dfu-util and trying to use Particle keys doctor (deviceID). There is no orange or red blinking involved. The device is stuck in Listen mode unless it is in DFU mode. This is happening after the batteries on the device died.