Photon in Education?

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The trick to using the Photon in your curriculum is to actually write the curriculum yourself and get it OK'ed by the school board.:slight_smile:


Again, I teach MEGR3171, Introduction to Instrumentation at UNC Charlotte.
This is a traditional instrumentation class but I am using the photon as a cornerstone. Typically I have over 110 students per semester, all taught in the same lectures. This is semester 5 with the photon.

Students have had a basic E class, but this is the next and final electrical class as mechanical engineers.

I use the photon to explore digital and analog inputs, digital and analog outputs, PWM, serial, etc. The photon is more flexible (IOT built in) and requires less hand holding than the IDE for arduino.

I make the students buy their own photons. With such large classes it is not practical to have them all connect to wifi. With 110 cell phones, laptops and photons we don’t have the infrastructure or bandwidth to make it successful.

So, I have the students use their own accounts and set their devices up at home. For homework I have them make a youtube how to video showing they have connected their photon to the cloud.

The cloud IDE allows any device to program the photons without installing any software. This is a big help for me.

Many classes are spent exploring my example projects and how they can incorporate bits and pieces for theirs.

A final deliverable for them is a project. They must work in teams of 2 and build a project that solves a problem. There are a list of requirements for their projects but among them is a requirement to share information between their photons. The photons could be physically beside each other and that is OK, I just want them exploring capabilities of IOT.

Here is a link to last semester:

With the new mesh hardware I am curious if the mesh hardware will all work in one room. Particle if you are listening I will be happy to do some stress testing!


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