Photon has many issues

It all started when I unclaimed the device and tried to connect it to a new wifi signal.

First the particle smart phone app would fail to connect unless I held down the setup button for 5 seconds and let the photon restart in setup mode. Then when it connected it would fail at verifying device ownership.

so I followed two steps listed here:

I did the manual firmware upgrade and the Public Key Reset. Now the photon flashes red whenever it runs or whenever i try to run the setup procedure.

If you only want to add a new set of WiFi credentials but want to stay owner of the device, you won’t need to unclaim it.

But since you already have unclaimed it, you might also want to reset all WiFi credentials by holding SETUP 10+sec till it quick flashes blue.
After that run particle setup with the device connected via USB.

If you can’t get this working try

npm update -g particle-cli
// put device into DFU mode and run
particle update
// DFU mode again
particle flash --usb tinker
// listening mode if not already
particle setup
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