Photon: Flickering LED when using PWM around 120-130?

Hi all,

I’m on my way learning how to work with the Photon, and I’m having troubles with PWM. When I connect a LED to D0, it flickers when i do analogWrite around 120-130-ish. It’s just around those values, if I go higher or lower, it’s stable. A friend of mine had same issue when connecting a servo. Around 120-130, it stutters. Any ideas?

Thanks :slight_smile:

It’s slightly difficult to answer this without seeing your code.
So you’ll have to do with my guess that this has to do with a known glitch that’s scheduled for “repair” in v0.4.7, where the PWM gets retriggered before a currently running cycle is finished resulting in a wrong puls-pause-ratio.

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Hi thanks for your answer.
Forgot to mention that it’s only happening when I run the photon as a server and have another photon connected as a client over TCP
But I assume thats going to be fixed in the next firmware then?