Photon doesn't get out of safe mode after 0.4.3 upgrade

My Photon wasn’t appearing online in the API as with other people. I upgraded it to 0.4.3 using dfu-util, and it entered safe mode (breathing cyan) after finished flashing. I tried flashing tinker on it, but it’s still on safe mode. Even factory firmware resetting (releasing MODE on green flashing) didn’t do the trick. Any thoughts?

Breathing cyan is normal behaviour. Breathing magenta is safe mode. Are you sure it’s in safe mode? Does Tinker work from the app?

Sorry, meant breathing magenta. Ya know, pink. Fancy color names can confuse common folk.

So did this solve what you were asking about?

Can you say specifically how you flashed tinker to the device?

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Through the cli, putting the Photon on dfu mode (particle flash --usb tinker).

Ah I thought that might be the case! Unfortunately, the current version of the CLI doesn’t flash the correct version of tinker to the photon using those options - it flashes the binary for the core. (You’ll see the binary flashed is around 80K, compared to 4K for the photon.) cc @nexxy

You can download the correct tinker binary (tinker-photon.bin) from

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Tinker for Photon has been added to CLI -

But we need something greater to get this going -

Ah, OK, thank you! Will report back when I flash it :slight_smile: