Photon Died After Trying a Servo

photon died when I was trying a servo motor. Now everytime I plug the photon, the light blinks on and off once. Then D7 flickers at a very low light.
Is my photon dead already? I just bought it a week ago.

Depending on how you hooked it up, the current draw of the servo might have been too high for the Photon.
How did you connect it?

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I connected the micro USB to my laptop. Vin connected to the red wire of the servo, GND to the green wire. D0 to the yellow wire.

I tried the circuit in my friend’s photon. And it worked fine.
Also, I noticed that his photon connects to the cloud faster than my photon. When I press reset, few blinks and it is already connected to the cloud/internet. Mine takes about at least 30 secs blinking green(looking for internet).