Unresponsive and no 3.3V available


New photon was working fine for a week and is now unresponsive. No LED on power up and no 3.3V available.

I was testing a simple servo motor test when it went dead. Nothing fancy, just cycling from 1-90 once a second. Ran for a couple of minutes when it happened.

Thoughts? Thanks!

What servo motor?
How did you power the servo motor?
The current draw of the servo may have overwhelmed the onboard regulator which then died a heat death.


Thanks for the response!

It was a 20KG servo but I was powering it off VIN. No load on the motor too. Still a probably cause?

@mbustosorg, there is a diode between Vusb and Vin which is rated at about 1A. Powering a 20Kg servo off Vin may have exceed the 1A rating an blown the diode which would kill all power on the board if using USB to power the device. To test this, apply a clean, 500mA rated 5v supply to Vin directly to see if your Photon comes back to life.


Thanks for the suggestion. Tried that but no response. Was pulling about 60mA but no LED response.