Photon detected as "Serial Mouse"

I have a photon, I have been using for development , I have used serial monitor occasionally and I have been able to connect it to my dev PC. recently the device is being detected as a Serial Mouse when it is connected via USB, which causes the pointer to wreak havok on my display when it is connected.
I know it is detected as such as I have opened the Device Manageer (win 10) and watched teh device get added when the Photon is plugged in.

is this something a factory reset may help with? but how to do that without being detected as a mouse…
any ideas please?

If only there was a search function on this forum… Oh, what a joy that’d be, people could actually do a search before asking questions…

Long story short, check the topics below:

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@whizpop, take a look here:



@Moors7 I did search the forum, and didnt find any acknowledgement or resolution in those partially matching posts.
thanks for the ELITE reply.

thanks, the resolution on this just doesnt sound necessary.

@whizpop, it’s a Windows “thing”. :confused:

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For anyone else facing this issue, I was doing a lot of Serial logging for debugging purposes at ~50 ms intervals. when this was enabled in the photon it was being detected as a serial device. disabling the Serial output allowed the device to be detected correctly.

I would venture to say that this behavior may be caused by starting serial output on the photon before it has been fully detected by windows. inserting a delay(1000) in the setup function resolved it as well.

hope this helps,

Well, speaking from experience, this isn’t a new issue. If it were, I wouldn’t be able to link you to posts that had dealt with this in the past. Seeing as two of us pointed you towards the same topic, there must be some truth to it. I’m not saying it’s a ‘nice’ bug, and I agree it shouldn’t be necessary. But for that, you’d have to complain at Microsoft. The next best thing is a quick fix, which is referenced in the topics you’ve been pointed towards. We’re not forcing you to do anything, the choice is yours. Windows has its odd quirks, and unless you want Microsoft to get involved, the above fix is probably the easiest.

Sensing slight hint of annoyance, I’d just like to point out that you’re asking questions about a two-year old, known, problem. That has been answered quite a few times already. Not sure what else you wanted me to answer with, other than a link to the answers. I could’ve copy & pasted the exact post, but then again, you could’ve found that as well :wink:

Other suggestions are highly welcome, should you care to share.

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This started happening to me on firmware 0.5.2 on the Photon.

Adding a 1000ms dealy in setup before calling Serial didn’t stop the mouse from going crazy but 1500ms did.

Weird because this did not start hapenning until I loaded the 0.5.2 firmware.

I’m on Windows 8.1 Pro FYI.