Photon dead - main LED completely off


The status LED of my photon is completely off after I used DFU mode in order to flash a firmware. I am on Mac OS X 10.10 and used dfu-util for that purpose with the particle files system-part1-0.4.6-photon.bin and system-part2-0.4.6-photon.bin

Is there anything I can do to make it alive again?

Thanks in advance.

Usually after flashing a new system fw you should also flash some application firmware which was built for this fw version.

But for your problem, can you still put your device into safe or DFU mode?

Maybe try reflashing the system and post the commands and the output here.

Thanks for your suggestion! Pressing the buttons doesn’t do anything unfortunately. The LED still keeps being off. I can press whatever I want (and in what combinations I want) the photon isn’t digitally seen by dfu-util.

Have your device depowered for a few minutes.

How do you power your device?
Can you measure the voltage at the Vin and 3V3 pins?

I turned off my device. No change so far.

I measured about 3.3V on the 3V3 pin and 4.8V on the V_in pin. Both measured against the common GND.

Can you see the Photon listed in the USB device list when you plug it in the Mac ?
Is cabling good ? Tested another usb port ?

I tested many cables and many different USB ports as well as many macs. Not even on the lowest hardware level does any of those devices recognize my Photon. It seems as if it were not connected at all - although it is. Could it be possible that my photon was completely damaged regarding its bootloader during the firmware update? Obviously, nothing of the usual photon modes is reachable.

Is there any possibility to reflash the STM32 chip with the correct bootloader? I would locate the error there as absolutely nothing works for now.

If the firmware (including bootloader) gets corrupted this severely you’d probably need a JTAG programmer and some step-by-step guidance (if you’ve never done it before).
For that it might be best to get in contact with Particle support. Just shoot them a mail at "hello [at]"
or via the support link (top right)