Photon crash the computer

Hi there !
It happened that I was sending some command over the CLI to the Photon and suddenly my computer crashed.
I booted it up with the repair disk.
After that connecting Photon to any USB port keep crashing the computer after some 3 or 4 minutes.
I tested other boards and USB devices and nothing happened.
I powered the photon with those supercapacitor chargers and I used Tinker to send some commands and it works.
Can it be the FTDI chip on the Photon that burned up. ?
Thank you for some explanation.

The Photon hasn’t got an FTDI chip on board. The µC itself does the USB stuff.
I’d suspect your computer’s driver set has got an issue rather than the Photon itself.

Well, OK but I tested other development boards that uses USB to download firmware to the PSoC 5 LP from Cypress Semiconductor and everything is OK, weird isn’t it?
Thank you for your answer.

Are these really using the same drivers?

USB is a multipurpose interface and each connected device can (and usually does) request a dedicated driver for it’s very private purpose.

I can understand this: I had had even a bluescreen when using usb.
Do you use usb2.0 or usb3.0 or already a usb hub intermediates?

Disconnecting the USB connection in the middle of data transfer causes my laptop to crash when using Terra Term to view serial data output.

Disconnecting before unplugging the USB cable prevents the crash for me.

I too have had the same issue. Win10 64bit, Terra Term. In all the years of doing development with so many other platforms on this machine the Photon was the only thing that ever gave my the blue screen of death on Win10.
I have narrowed it down to never install CLI, because once i do that I will get the blue screen if I dont disconnect usb before I reboot the photon. .

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There are a few different drivers you can use and I’m assuming that the CLI installs not one of the best driver options. Hard telling though.