Photon connection fails

I fail to connect to booth of my just recieved new Photon modules.
Blue LED is blinking, I select Photon -xxx soft AP and the Particle app shows
message " Connecting to Photon …" for as long as I let it run.

Same result with two different Android units.

Where do I start looking?

Try this: [Howto] Setup photon if docs step fail

@msens, are you using a 5GHz access point? The Photon will only connect to 2.4GHz APs. Also make sure that if you have a multi-band AP, you have different SSID names for the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. Finally, depending on your location, the Photon can only connect to channels 11 and lower. :smile:

I supplied SSID credentials via Putty and got the fixed blue light but no automatic reset.
After manual reset the blinking green but still no connection.
Network is 2.4 ghz, channel 3 and at -54dBm.
(My IMP module connections are all ok…)

Is there any way to ask Photon to show stored SSID credentials?

show stored SSID credentials --> guess not for now.

Fixed blue is weird… did the Photon respond to the SSID input?

I try again:

  1. Clear SSID data by pressing SETUP until fast blue.

  2. Enter SSID credentials - Photon replies"Thanks , wait …"

  3. After a few seconds off LED is back fixed blue.
    4 . Manual reset and blinking green.

    an then suddenly the module connects , updates and goes into cyan breath and I can reach it in the Cloud.

I have still not got the other one to connect.

Ok so one Photon is working. What’s wrong with the other?

Yes, I really like to know that.
I tried the same process with module 2 several times but it stayed green blink.
Module 1 now connects at every reset.

As for now I consider initial setup process too unreliable , hopefully you
can provide some expanded debug possibilities later on.
E.g. command to read out the SSID data stored&used by module.

@msens i can help you get it running if you are keen. Ping me on this thread anytime :wink:

although I finally managed it myself.
After a firmware reset the Module 2 also connected by itself
and booth Photons are now visible in the Cloud.