Photon-based 3 wheeler robot

In conjunction with my work getting Blockly programming on the Photon working, I’ve designed a simple breakout/shield for the Photon to allow it to control a simple robot. Here it is in action:

The board has:

  • 2xAA battery clips
  • Boost converter to generate 5v for motors, servos, and Photon Vin (at up to 1A output current)
  • Dual H-bridge capable of driving two small DC motors for wheels
  • Two servo headers for other motion control
  • Three Grove digital & analog headers (on A0-A5) for connecting Grove sensor and actuator modules

In short, the Photon makes a really nice brains for a simple robot - and the whole board is quite straightforward and affordable.

The chassis, for anyone interested, is one being produced by Feetech (the servo manufacturer), and comes with chassis, wheels, DC motors, and castor for very little. It’s not available retail yet, to the best of my knowledge, but I expect it will be soon.


Interesting, as I am getting ready to fix up the same thing!


I like to have a copy of this printing circuit.
How much does it cost to have the complete board populated?

Are you selling them?