Internet connected robotics

Greetings particle community! I have a new project and I’d like to get some feedback

I’ve created a modular robotics platform that allows anyone to customize the control electronics by plugging in modules, right now it’s geared towards 3D printers and CNC machines but can definitely be used to build other things. There are so many technical details to list in this post, can be viewed here:

Project Documentation

Board Documentation

here is how particle mounts on the board

One of the features is that it can house a photon or electron for remote connectivity. At the moment all robotic timing/synchronization functions are performed by a separate Cortex-M3 processor on board, the photon/electron module will serve as a gateway to remotely control the application. It can drive the RESET and ISP pins of the controller, and it also has access to SWD (it an do low level programming and remote debug).

I wanted to explore any feedback/impressions from particle users, what do you think is missing? what can be added or modified?


your interposer mount design sorta conflicts with the otherwise plug n play approach of the other modules. seems like you could use a sodimm type connector to allow easy swaps between photon/electron/compute modules rather than the soldered approached currently used.

the socket compatible with a 100mil header strip, this will increase the elevation of the module by about 8mm
that way it’s easy to interchange compute modules

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