Photon 2 Development Kit


I am based in Ireland and I am trying to replace Argon module with PHN2TRAY50. I would like to buy the Photon 2 Development Kit but I can only find this P2 Wi-Fi Module, Cut tape [x10] – Particle Retail in the website.
How can I get the PHN2TRAY50 or Photon 2 development kit and all the docs related to it?

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The Photon 2 is not available for sale yet.

The datasheet is available now. It’s very similar to other devices, but be sure to check the Argon to Photon 2 migration guide as there are some differences.

From the firmware development standpoint, it’s the same. The Device OS API is the same, and since it has a P2 on it, any notes in the firmware API reference for the P2 apply to both the P2 and Photon 2.

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Looks like the datasheet was updated on 2/14/2023. Hopefully anticipating a February general availability release.

Any day now…

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