Hardware availability

I am new to Particle. I am trying to understand what capabilities what devices have for what cost. While looking at the Argon page, there was a disclaimer saying that Argon is going to be discontinued and to consider the Photon.
The only place I found anything about the Photon was in Docs where it said it was being discontinued and to use Phonton 2. I did find the Docs for Photon 2 but I cannot find anyting about price and avaiability.
At this point I have little comfort that any effort that I put into development of a device might be lost or unable to buy product to meet my customer's needs.
I need the ability to start an acquistition by interupt for a large array from a ADC using SPI. It looked like the Argon would be best with its two MCU's, I'm not sure if the Photon 2 could respone quick enough

The Photon 2 is the only viable Wi-Fi option. Price and availability will be announced in June 2023, and a limited number will be available in that month, with full availability a short period later.

How quick is quick? The P2/Photon 2 have a 200 MHz CPU and threads, so if you can wait up to 1 millisecond for the thread scheduler period you can do the SPI acquisition from a thread.

We don't recommend starting a SPI transaction from an ISR because you can't obtain the SPI transaction mutex from an ISR, because if another thread had already obtained the mutex the device would deadlock.

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Thanks for the reply. From your explaination it sounds that starting an acquisition with a Photon or, I assume, any third generation device is undeterministic. 1ms could be over +/- 20deg of rotation in my application. That means that I can only use Particle devices for gateway applications not edge devices.
Also, being in documentation, maybe you can answer my other question. I spent close to two hours learning about development using platformio. But now I cannot find anything less than 3 or 4 years old.
It's very confusing to stumble upon examples or tutorials only to later find there is a better way or that something is no longer or never really has been supported. What's the story on VS and Platformio and all the streaming videos with Brandom Satrom. I am find there is a lot of what to do but not much on how to do it.
Again many thanks