Photon2 vs Argon

Photon2 vs Argon ??

  • I hesitate between Photon2 and Argon.
  • I am not really familiar with the terminology of the features described in the datasheets.
  • The prices of those 2 devices are pretty similar.
  • Is the Photon2 a big upgrade vs the Argon ??
  • Does the Photon2 is more capable than que Argon ??
  • I know my question is really subjective but which one is more "powerfull". They are both relatively at the same price.

Thanks for your opinion

The Argon is discontinued. Once the existing stock is sold no more be manufactured.

The Photon 2 has a significantly faster microcontroller and much more RAM and flash memory, and is an upgrade from the Argon.

There are a few specific use cases like lower power usage and faster GPIO where the Argon was better.


Thanks !! Help me a lot.