Old Photon Migration to Photon2

When old Photon was discontinued I was very disappointed
I have had already built 20 boards for the old Photon. Now I am looking for an easy way to migrate to Photon2.
I have already done a WebApp for the old photon. Are there any changes done to the new photon 2 cloud?
I would appreciate any help

@kazemzahedi , take a look here:


Thanks for your help, Sir. I am waiting for my Photon 2 to arrive. Not knowing how long Photon 2 will be available worries me.

A shipment of PHN2MEA is expected in a 2-3 weeks (early March). I can't see your device is in that shipment, however it's quite a few units so it probably is.

Thanks for the info Sir

Hi Rick, I will be using your library #include <JsonParserGeneratorRK.h> in the Photon 2 Firmware.
It was working well for the Photon. Would it apply to the Photon 2 as well?
Thanks Sir

Yes, JsonParserGeneratorRK works well with the P2/Photon 2.

Thank you Sir

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