Photon 2 Prerelease

How do I get one? when is the release date

The Photon 2 will be released in late 2022.

To get on the prerelease list send me a DM with your shipping address and a short description of why you need early release devices. Early devices are not guaranteed and are limited to three devices per person.

Hi Colleen;

Thank you for your message. We had developed our HVAC solution based on Photon 1 and we are in need urgently to migrate our solution to Photon 2 so that we can be ready for photon 2 release in fall.

My address:


Thanks. If possible I would prefer 2 units for our developers.

Moe Tun

Hi Moe,

Thank you. Early releases are not guaranteed, but I’ll put in the request tonight for two devices.


thank you so much.

Moe Tun

@Colleen - Any more info on the release of the Photon 2?

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