Phone apps working with Bluz without an internet connection

We have a device that uses another (Nordic-based) BLE platform, taking data from sensors and only communicating to the cloud when a connection is available. To achieve that we have apps that buffer the data for later transmission.

To recreate this with Bluz I would need access to the Nordic libraries that are presumably present in the Bluz setup.

I was thinking to use the IDE to load the software into the Bluz. Once it starts it would disconnect from the Bluz app and connect to our app.

Has anyone attempted anything like this and does it sound sensible?

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This would probably be best answered on the Bluz forum, the phone apps just pass data back and forth between the particle servers and the Bluz. so you would need to make your own app. there is a thread with more info here:

if you are going along that route then you will need to compile locally as there are changes in the system firmware… so no IDE for that…

Thx @Hootie81.
That link has a good answer. I also look forward to the promised user-level APIs that are coming in the near future.