Bluetooth LE to Cellular Gateway with Bluz

We have recently posted some new features to bluz that we are particularly excited about and wanted to share with the Particle community. We have received feedback from many people about the desire to bridge the Electron’s cellular connection to many low-powered devices that can feed data up. This needed to be done in a data-efficient way and also with considerations for low power consumption as the gateway may run off a battery or solar.

We just released today new features on bluz to allow all of this to work! These new features allow you to create a network where each bluz DK can run off a small battery and directly talk to an Electron, without connecting to the cloud and using up data. Through this, the Electron can gather information from each bluz DK and then process or publish it to the cloud. The Electron can even sleep for long periods of time to save battery power, wake up when needed, poll each DK device, and then go back to sleep.

You can see a full write-up on the tutorial on the Nordic Developer Blog:

We also have a write-up on our forums with links to the documentation to set this up: