PCB Prototype frustration - Advice needed

I’ve been trying to make a custom prototype PCB that is a bit more stable than the plug-in breadboard to start some real-world testing. But I’m having a heck of a time getting my RFID module to work in this configuration. The continuity is good when, but RFID refuses to work on this board, but then placed on plastic BB it works like a champ.

Links below are the boards and headers I’m using. Pardon the bad soldering job. This is my third attempt on the same board so it’s gotten kinda Fugly as my frustration has increased.

How do the the Kool Kats do this?

Boards & Headers

@JoseJones, I’m looking at the pictures and trying to figure if you transposed the wiring correctly. Can you publish an Electron to Device pin table?

At first blush it seems that your SPI pins going to the RFID are incorrect, assuming you are using hardware SPI. Also, I don’t see a GND or Vin/3V3 going to the RFID connector either. If possible, you should try and use different color wires to designate power, GND and signals. Is the Electron sitting in a set of female header pins or directly on the board?

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Sorry for taking so much time to get back to this. I will quadrupedal check, but I have the pins mounted underneath (behind?) the module so the antennae faces out and flat across the breadboard along side the Electron. This way it fits flush in the enclosure.

For power, I’m using digital pins via this tutorial so I can turn off the RFID module to save power, and the Electron is sitting in female headers. I couldn’t find a socket anywhere local and didn’t/don’t know how to spec these out so the slapping some headers on there was the quick-path to the get-go.