Path to Samsung J3 SD Card

I have a local web page that I use to control my photon project. I use a jpeg photo as a background image and everything is fine on the PC. As long as the picture is in the same folder as the HTML file I can just list the name of the photo in the HTML code and it shows up when the page opens. However, on my Samsung J3 2018, even when they are both in the same folder, the picture isn’t coming up. I can put in the URL where the photo is located on the web and it works. I’d like to add a personalized picture instead of a stock photo. Any clue on how to access a picture on this phone?

I have a .html and .gif in the same folder on my phone and the HTML displays the file with a relative path as shown below:

<img src="garage.gif" alt="garage.gif" style="float:left;width:90px;height:60px;">

I have pretty much the same thing. Maybe it’s a setting on the phone or in Chrome mobile.

<img src="chicken1.jpg" alt="Chicks on a limb" style='position:fixed;top:0px;left:0px;width:100%;z-index:-1;'>

But if I put this in it works just fine. Again, either one works from the PC. But only the URL works for the phone.

<img src="" alt="Chicks on a limb" style='position:fixed;top:0px;left:0px;width:100%;z-index:-1;'>

I’m wondering if it is a permissions problem.

I used Firefox because it let me click the 3-dots, select “page” and “create page shortcut” to create a shortcut that appeared alongside other applications. At the time Chrome had no such feature. I’m not sure if that is still true.

In any case, I remember having to give Firefox some added permissions … but it’s been at least 18 months, so I can’t recall the details.

I’ll dig into that. Thanks.