ParticleDev: can not list libraries

I have ParticleDev installed and can not list libraries.
When I click on the Library icon I get the following error:
There was an error while listing libraries. Please try again later.

I tried reinstalling ParticleDev but still does not work. What else can I try to do?

Could you try logging out of Dev, closing & re-opening it, and logging back in again. Just worked for me :smile:

I did try that several times before but without closing Dev in between.

Now I tried this again and it miraculously started working.

As info for anyone in similar situation: I came upon another problem later on - I included a library (copy to current project) and started getting error: particle dev build didn’t produce binary with no additional info.
With help of cli compiler I found out that problem was caused by examples that were downloaded together with the library. After removing examples folder build went through ok.