Particle Workbench Installer Error: `invalid json response`

I got the following errors

:thinking: hm, that’s no fun, sorry!

the first error - invalid json response - is the one to focus on.

FetchError: invalid json response body at
reason: Unexpected end of JSON input

(not sure why some of that is bolded)

the error implies something weird is happening when trying to fetch the manifest data for the VSCode download. is there anything special about your network connection? can you reproduce this from another network? can you confirm your OS and version?

in the meantime, you can install VSCode + Particle Workbench separately fairly easily

  1. download VSCode from
  2. install Particle Workbench via the extension marketplace (docs)

hope it helps :+1:

(ScruffR: I was so bold to add the text tag to your preformatted block :wink: )

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hehe! thanks @ScruffR :pray::+1:

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@atom after some digging, it seems MS was having an outage - hopefully things are back to working now.

apologies for the bumps - thanks for trying Particle Workbench :pray::+1:

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Great, thank you very much! worked now!