Particle Webhooks to IFTTT - Passing data to IFTTT

This post is to just document a way to move particle data to IFTTT via webhooks. This is a faster method than having IFTTT look for events that are posted from a particle device. This documentation may save others some time as the documentation is pretty poor on transferring such data. It took several hours to determine how to accomplish this correctly.

If you have a particle device posting some data as an event and you wish that data to be delivered to IFTTT where you might use it in a THEN action, such as sending an email after the event occurs, this is how to move that data around.

In the particle dashboard create a webhook in the integrations screen. Set the Request form to JSON. Go to advanced settings and you can change the field called “data” to “value1”. Make sure it is a lower case ‘v’. This will ensure the field {{{PARTICLE_EVENT_VALUE}}} is sent to IFTTT as the parameter name value1. IFTTT only recognizes 3 names, value1, value2 and value3. You can remove the other field in the JSON data or leave them if you wish. Only those fields with the value names will be recognized. So if you wish to send the event name to IFTTT you might change “event” to “value2” for example.

Now, at IFTTT, unlike what was sent from the particle infrastructure, they call these three parameters Value1, Value2 and Value3 with capital “V”. So if your IFTTT action for THEN was creating an email in which you wanted the body of the email to include the event data, you would write something like “The data from the device was {{Value1}}”. IFTTT will replace {{Value1}} with a bold tag Value1 with a shaded background. If you wish to denote when the event was received by IFTTT in that same message, you can add {{OcurredAt}} in the body of the message. You can use the “Add Ingredient” button and just select these field names instead of typing te {{…}}.