Particle Tools Changelog

August 31st 2023: Device OS v5.5.0

This is a release on non-LTS feature development branch (5.x). To learn more about our new LTS release line, read our blog post.

Note: This is a Release and may be used for production.

You can view information about Device OS versions, upgrades and downgrades here.




  • Asset OTA #2668
  • [M SoM] Platform support #2681
  • [rtl872x] Experimental WPA3 support #2673
  • [WiFi] Hidden SSID support #2673
  • [rtl872x] GPIO drive strength configuration support #2680


  • [WiFi] WiFI interface power state notifications #2669
  • [rtl872x] Improve SPI1 (P2 / Tracker M) and SPI (M SoM) behavior at 50MHz by changing RXD sample delay #2677
  • [rtl872x] Improve USB Serial TX performance #2672
  • [Cellular] Enables UPSV=1 low power mode for R510 when idle for >=9.2s #2674
  • [rtl872x] Fix logic level overshoot on SPI, I2C, PWM pins #2680
  • [rtl872x] Revert the QSPI flash speed to 80MHz #2684
  • Update the key used for validating the ServerMoved signature #2688
  • [rtl872x] remove the delay in UART flush() #2686

:star2: Be sure to read the full collection of release notes Particle Device OS Updates Thread.