Announcing the new and improved Particle Console!

Hi Particle community,

Last year we released the Particle Dashboard to help product creators build, scale, and manage their products. The dashboard looks like this:

The Dashboard has been used by start-ups to Fortune 500s to manage fleets of IoT devices. At the same time, many of the benefits of the Dashboard were hidden behind a paywall. After we launched, many of you asked: can we get access to these great features during the earliest stages of development, for our prototypes?

We’re excited to say that, today, yes you can!

Starting today, the Particle Dashboard is now the Particle Console, and everyone can create a product in the Particle Console. It’s now free for prototyping (less than 25 devices) under our new “Prototype” pricing tier.

Go to the Console

Here’s what you can do with the Particle Console:

  • Create and manage ‘products’, i.e. fleets of devices
  • Flash firmware over-the-air to your whole product fleet
  • Manage firmware versions
  • Set up a team with shared access to the product
  • Monitor product event logs
  • Setup and manage webhook integrations for products

We’ve also changed our pricing a number of ways; you can now purchase a guaranteed SLA and higher levels of support, and we’re giving bigger discounts on our cellular data at volume. For more information, check out our pricing page.

Oh and, an important note: the Particle Cloud is also still free for developers, makers, and hobbyists, as before. Your dev kits can still access the Particle Cloud for free, even without selecting any price plan.

To support these changes, we’ve also updated our Terms of Service.

If you’re considering building an IoT product or if you want tools to manage a fleet of IoT devices, check out the Console! And if you have any questions on any of the above, feel free to respond below.


@zach, Can you explain further your new storage service? Does it include graphing?

Hi @Donwhale - data storage is not part of the Console yet, although it is on the roadmap for a future addition.

Is there any news on sim card management tools for electron base products?

Hey, @Jean-Pierre.

This release doesn’t include that, but we’ll definitely be adding tools to help better manage SIMs from the new console.

What kinds of things are you wanting to do right now, but can’t?



yeah well We wan’t IOS api for the new console to let the user manage data use for example if the user want’s to disable the sim for this month the api can tell my server not to charge next month bill or if the user has a disable sim and they want to pay for it. They can pay and have immediate access to their device data.

Then that’d work the other way around, wouldn’t it? The customer tells your server they want to deactivate and then your server will pause the subscription using an exposed API. The Cloud shouldn’t tell you what to do with your customers, you should tell the cloud about what your customers have done/like to do.
I could be mistaken, but that’s the way I see it.

Yeah I get what you mean, but I got the general idea across. I was in a hurry when I wrote that. At the same time the API has to have too way communication with the server/app because in cases like when a user hit’s a data limit it would be nice to ask the user if they would like to pay for more data on the spot.