Developer Preview Changelog - October 30, 2018

Today we’re happy to share the first Developer Preview release of Workbench since Spectra. We’ve received tons of great feedback in that time and wanted to focus this release on fixes and improvements — but don’t worry, there’s plenty of new features as well!

If you’ve already signed up for Workbench, you’ll receive an email with a link to download the update. If you’re not already using Workbench, visit to sign up and start building.

You can install the new version by following the instructions in Tutorial: Installing the Particle Workbench developer preview.

Please read the post, Information: How to report bugs and provide feedback for detailed instructions on how to provide feedback on Particle Workbench during developer preview.

We’re looking forward to hearing your continued feedback and exctited to see what you build!

Here’s the full changelog:

New Commands

  • Particle: Audit Environment

    • Scans your system and prints a report to a dedicated output channel (helpful for filing bug reports)
  • Particle: Update CLI

    • Updates the local copy of the particle command-line interface (CLI)
  • Particle: Serial Monitor

    • Monitor serial messages from the Integrated Terminal
  • Particle: Show Welcome Screen

    • Displays a new Particle welcome screen
  • Particle: Import Project

    • Attempts to convert an existing particle project into a Visual Studio Code Workspace
  • Particle: Reset Environment

    • Automatically uninstalls and re-installs all enabled local compiler toolchains

Fixes & Improvements

  • Particle: Login

    • Now supports Two-Factor Authentication
  • Particle: Cloud Compile and Particle: Cloud Flash

    • Now use the --target flag to prevent unintentional Device OS upgrades
  • Particle: Uninstall Local Compiler

    • No longer removes shared dependencies
  • Particle: Install Local Compiler

    • Displays list of available Device OS version
  • Particle: Launch CLI

    • Now prompts to re-use terminal if one exists
  • Particle: Cloud Flash

    • Now prompts you to set a target device if missing
  • Both Particle: Install Local Compiler and Particle: Uninstall Local Compiler display which Particle platforms each version supports

  • All CLI-related commands provide a view logs option so users can see the full CLI error details (e.g. syntax errors causing Particle: Cloud Compile to fail)

  • Local Compilation Tasks use PLATFORM_ID instead of PLATFORM to prevent name collision

  • Fixed bug that triggered “allow C++ IntelliSense configuration” prompt in non-Particle projects

  • Better logic to only show workspace-related functionality (e.g. tasks, IntelliSense) when working in a Particle Workspace