Developer Preview Changelog - January 14, 2019

We have a new Developer Preview release of Workbench to share that adds support for Device OS 1.0.0 and support for Multi-root workspaces.

Using Multi-root Workspaces in Workbench

Visual Studio Code supports more complex projects where you have separate but related workspaces. For example, you may have a Device OS app and a Node.js server to respond to webhooks or a network of Argons and Xenons, each running different apps. Based on community feedback, we decided to add support. By adding support for Multi-root workspaces in Workbench, we can manage all the configuration and build system metadata cleanly. If your application doesn’t require the use of Multi-root workspaces, no action required. If you want to use Multi-root workspaces on existing projects, you’ll need upgrade.

How to migrate a Particle Workspace:

  1. Open the folder of a an existing project within Visual Studio Code: “File > Open Folder…”
  2. Run Particle: Configure Workspace for Device
  3. Delete the .code-workspace file in the root of your project (or if you’ve made customizations, copy the settings block into ./.vscode/settings.json, then delete)

Note new projects created with Alpha 7 will support Multi-root workspaces be default

If you’ve already signed up for Workbench, you’ll receive an email with a link to download the update. If you’re not already using Workbench, visit to sign up and start building.

You can install the new version by following the instructions in Tutorial: Installing the Particle Workbench developer preview.

Please read the post, Information: How to report bugs and provide feedback for detailed instructions on how to provide feedback on Particle Workbench during developer preview.

We don’t plan on making a new release until after the New Year but please continue to share your feedback in the forum.

Here’s the full changelog:


  • Added support for Device OS v1.0.0 as well as v0.8.0-rc.11, v0.8.0-rc.12 & v0.8.0-rc.14
  • Support Multi-root workspaces by modifying workspaces-related logic
  • New Command: Particle: Find Libraries
  • New Commands for Local Compilation Tasks - e.g. Particle: Compile application (local) can now be run via the command palette in addition to the standard task runner UI
  • New: Current Toolchain settings are shown in the status bar

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed "please install dependencies” prompts at start-up with improved CLI health check at activation-time
  • Toolchains updated with buildscripts@1.0.1
  • You no longer need to reload window after changing your toolchain
  • Particle: Audit Environment command now includes project settings for each project within the workspace
  • Better “environment unsupported” messaging at activation-time (hello and sorry to our windows / linux 32bit friends)
  • Fix: Correct cpu arch mapping for CLI binaries