Particle Tools Changelog

May 31st 2023: Device OS v4.1.0

Note: This is a Release and may be used for production. This is the 4th Release in the Device OS release 4.x line (LTS) with critical bugfixes and backports from 5.x release line

To learn more about LTS release line, read our blog post.

You can view information about Device OS versions, upgrades and downgrades here.





  • Wi-Fi/cellular network manager bugfixes #2621
  • [nRF52] UART sleep/wakeup #2652
  • [nRF52] watchdog timeout is not accurate #2635
  • [nRF52] BLE plus RTC sleep causes hardfault #2615
  • Fix inconsistent BLE state issue #2629
  • [wiring][gen3] Allow gen3 to select internal ADC reference source #2619
  • System setup and BLE threading improvements #2587
  • [quectel] Account for "eMTC" type while obtaining signal values #2589
  • Fix i2c hal deadlock #2572
  • [r510] enable PS (packet switched) Only mode for R510 modems (Boron/BSoM/ESoMX) #2640 See TAN012

... and other bugfixes and improvements!

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