Particle status unreachable, but shows connected

I have two photos controlling two touch lamps. One is working as expected, and the a touch_event registers every minute:

{"data":"1,1,150,1646420200,1932887527","ttl":60,"published_at":"2022-03-04T20:21:52.011Z","coreid":"<photon 1 ID>","name":"touch_event"}

The other one has the same code, and used to work. Now, however, it connects to wifi, shows as connected, but when a touch_event should register it instead gives me this status:

{"data":"online","ttl":60,"published_at":"2022-03-04T20:22:40.854Z","coreid":"<photon 2 ID>","name":"spark/status"}
{"data":"true","ttl":60,"published_at":"2022-03-04T20:22:41.142Z","coreid":"<photon 2 ID>","name":"particle/device/updates/enabled"}
{"data":"false","ttl":60,"published_at":"2022-03-04T20:22:41.143Z","coreid":"<photon 2 ID>","name":"particle/device/updates/forced"}
{"data":"false","ttl":60,"published_at":"2022-03-04T20:22:42.166Z","coreid":"<photon 2 ID>","name":"particle/device/updates/pending"}
{"data":"{\"service\":{\"device\":{\"status\":\"unreachable\"},\"cloud\":{\"uptime\":21,\"publish\":{\"sent\":1}},\"coap\":{\"round_trip\":null}}}","ttl":60,"published_at":"2022-03-04T20:23:02.264Z","coreid":"<photon 2 ID>","name":"spark/device/diagnostics/update"}

It currently turns on and cycles through the colors (so I know the program is loading), and when the other lamp sends a signal it changes to the appropriate color. However, when I touch this lamp nothing happens. Does anybody know why I’m receiving this status, or what it means?

Those events are generated when the device reboots.

I’d guess there is a problem in the code that handles the touch event and the device is crashing with a SOS panic of some sort.

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I’d check your wiring. If it works fine on one lamp, and it handles cloud communication from the other photon to change colors, it’s probably going to be something local on that setup.

Thanks for the advice! I’m leaning towards it being hardware too. I reinstalled the software and there’s no difference (and nothing changed from when it was working before). I already checked the wiring and it seems fine, but I’ll take another look and try to narrow it down. Thanks for the advice about it being a restart status, that gives me something to go on.

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