Particle SIM in Hotspot not working

Does anyone know if a Particle SIM will work in a Hotspot? I just tried putting one in A HUAWEI hotspot and tried connecting a P1 to it but its not making a cloud connection. I just activated the card around 7pm cst today.

I used the following APN creds:

username: MOVISTAR
password: MOVISTAR

Looking for some guidance or other things to try to get my p1 talking to the cloude through the particle sim using a hotspot.

i think the apn is while username and password is blank.

Are you sure you want to do that? It will be extraordinarily expensive to do so. The reason is that the Electron is optimized to minimize data usage; among other things it uses connectionless DTLS and only pings the server every 23 minutes.

The Photon/P1/Core use AES+RSA over TCP, and communicates with the Particle cloud server every 10 seconds. It uses much, much more data even doing the same thing as you would on an Electron.

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@rickkas7, yes we’re sure we want to do this, we turned down the particle.connect to just once every 2 hours for 10-15 seconds per connection. this gets our data usage down to 2-5Mb/month.

We’ve already developed a product using the P1. Having a custom Electron for the time being too expensive (certificaitons, FCC, etc). Hopefuly we’ll get the funding to create a custom Electron to implement. The current Electorn size does not fit into our enclosure.

@kennethlimcp, ill give those a try, thanks

@kennethlimcp, that did the trick. Thanks!