Particle Serial Claim Error

I’m trying to use claim codes to streamline my manufacturing process. The idea is to load the claim code after flashing/programming and ID scraping, and then do cellular tests in batches in a separate jig.

For the short term while I develop my JTAG solution, I wanted to use Particle Serial Claim over USB serial.

However, when I run particle serial claim <claim_code> I always get a Serial timed out error. This occurs both on a Photon and an Electron (with their proper claim codes generated from the cloud API). Photon is v0.7.0 and Electron is v0.6.4. particle serial identify works perfectly for both devices.

It doesn’t appear that the claim code is actually getting sent, because the device never appears in my particle cloud account after claiming. How might I resolve this? It seems like this used to work for other people based on other forum posts, but seems to be broken for me.

If this doesn’t work my alternative is to manually save the claim code into DCT via dfu-util, but that would be overkill for something that supposedly is a built-in tool that is supposed to work for this exact application.