Failed to claim Photon via Particle CLI and Curl

I just received the new batch and trying to claim the device. The device is online breathing Cyan.

  1. curl -d access_token=xxxxxxxxx -d id=310046000B4734343XXXXXXX
    “ok”: false,
    “errors”: [
    but did not show up on my device list Console.

  2. After login, particle device add 310046000B4734343XXXXXXX

Failed to claim device, server said: [object Object]

  1. Claim it trough Tinker app, success. However I unclaimed it from dashboard and re-claim it through both 1 and 2 methods above still causes error.

Any suggestions?

Hey @jgoggins can you look at this?

Great question. I believe the reason this isn’t working is due to using capital letters in the device id, i.e. your examples specify B, where as it should be lowercase b. Try lower-casing the device id, I bet that will get you up and running.

@jgoggins, thanks. You are right. I have java script to go through the SoftAp setup but for some reason I keep getting upper case letter in device id.

Is that safe to assume Particle device id string does not include any upper case letter??? If so I will just convert my device id to lower case for now.


That might be something to rethink - if it is a HEX string than it should accept upper and lower case IMHO.