Particle Powered Smart Wreath

Thought I would show off some blinky stuff I banged out over the weekend. My wife and her friend recently wandered into a boutique store where they were selling pre-lit holiday wreaths for $300 and up! I said, “I can do better.” So I wrote a back end, front end, and an API. For each wreath we make we input the Device ID and Token into our backend and it generates a Wreath Code. When someone buys one they go to the website, register a username, password, and their Wreath Code. They can then log in from a smart phone, tablet, or computer and control their wreath! Arts, crafts, and code.


Nice! I’m hoping to bling up one of our wreaths at home in a similar way! (but just for us, not to sell)

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It was a breeze to do. Although I did have to fork and modify the Neopixel library for these LED’s (I suspect they aren’t actually using WS2812B IC’s and are using the TM108 chipset) to adjust to color ordering. I’m not even using a logic shifter. I just run the LED’s at a little less than 5 volts and it works just fine.

You had a very productive weekend! That’s awesome!

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