Control my Christmas lights from inside Minecraft

Hey Folks,

I recently completed a project using a combination of Raspberry Pi, Arduino UNO, and a Spark Core.

You are able to turn on and off my Christmas tree lights as well as change the color of an RGB LED strip on my tree - all from inside Minecraft!

You can check it out here -

I’m putting together a full tutorial about how I did it all - that will be coming out in January.

Thanks for taking the time to check it out! Merry Christmas!

  • Ryan

Yes! Woot! :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing, cool project!


Just joined the server and played with the tree, so cool! :smiley:

I love how you’ve decorated the place!

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Just checked it out, amazing idea! :smiley:

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Thanks folks!
Glad you are enjoying it.

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Just posted part 1/4 in the tutorial series covering this project -

This just covers some basic stuff with the project and I’m sure it will all be easy as pie for anyone here but thought it worth mentioning just in case!



Part 2/4 is now posted -

This one gets a little more technical - it covers everything I did INSIDE Minecraft for this project. (mainly javascript)

Next week - we get to the Spark Core code!

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Finally the Spark Core material!

Part 3/4 is up -

Covers some basic Bluemix/Node-RED, wiring up the microcontrollers, and Spark Core / Arduino programming.

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And for completeness - Part 4/4 is now live :

Raspberry Pi web cam and push notifications.

Thanks all ya’ll who have been watching!