Particle PHOTON USB problem after reset

Hi all,

I am sending a data package by using photon USB to my PC. Pc has a program which listenes a specific com port.
When I start the PC listener program it works and gets the data package but if Photon is gets a reset or restarted Listener program can not get any data package from the photon until listener is closed and started again. I think it might be kind a problem about reinitialize of usb communication but I couldn’t find anything . I’ll be pleased if you suggest about the solution.

thanks .

@alipala, that is a well known Windows issue and nothing to do with the Photon. Your PC listener code needs to detect the port reset and restart the connection. TeraTerm, for example, will automatically reconnect even if a Photon is reset. The Arduino Console does the same thing as well.

We have a different hardware to send same data package to same listener program which is manufactured by using arduino.Now I am trying to migrate this solution to photon . I did same thing this old hardware .but listener can connect after reset in 50 seconds. I assume that listener has the ability for reconnect . is there a something missing on the photon side ?

@alipala, Arduino uses a dedicated FTDI chip for the serial communications. On the Photon, USB is done in firmware and using the STM32 hardware. Perhaps @rickkas7 can make some suggestions.


@alipala, I think you will be out of luck with your requirement to maintain a USB Serial connection from your PC to the Photon after a Photon reset.

In my opinion you will need to modify your PC client to allow for this as @peekay123 has suggested.

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