How to debug a photon

So the USB serial port is a great idea, except when you program the unit, the serial ports re-enumerate and the terminal program goes away… what am I missing?

I put a; in setup thinking it would allow me to connect first, hit a key, and see a debug log.

If you use TerraTerm as your serial monitor it will automatically reconnect after the Photon boots back up after programming.

See if particle serial monitor --follow works using the CLI.

particle serial monitor [-follow] doesn’t allow to send data to the device tho’

RWB is correct. TT will re connect. But you always have serial1 as well.

I will try that. Putty and Simpleterm Gold (my go to serial port tool) do not and the desktop IDE does not appear to.

seulater, serial1 is talking to an nRF52, but I have hijacked it via an FT232 for now. It’s a start.

Postler, desktop IDE should work, but also disconnects.

@Postler was talking about CLI not Desktop IDE and the USB device will always disconnect on a reboot since during reset it’s just not available.
The only thing you can do is to reconnect as soon the device has been recreated and your OS found it again.