Reset through USB connection

Hey everyone,

So I have my Photon inside my computer case to control some light that are in there. I’m wondering if there is a way to reset the device through a USB connection. I have it connected via USB straight to my motherboard so there is nothing I can disconnect from outside. I currently have to open my case to reset if I’m ever having issue with connecting to wifi which happens almost every time I flash code.

I wasn’t able to find anything posted like this so I thought it was worth a post.

You can implement a simple protocol over USB using Serial object in Photon, similarly as debugging is done. Of course you would need to write some application or script on PC side to communicate with your Photon.

Hmm, I haven’t heard of a Serial object before. I use Serial print outs to debug frequently but that solution might be a little complicated for me.

I’m thinking I can just have as a button that runs to the back and outside of the case that will connect the rst pin to ground when pressed. That’s how the RST pin works, right? Or do I need to supply 3.3V to RST to reset device?

Nope, not really complicated.
Just use :wink:

You are correct, RST needs pulling to LOW.

Okay thank you. And that does seem pretty easy to set that up, I should have looked into Serial a bit more before posting.

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