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We recently ordered 120 Photon Kits from your company.
Our goal was to run a workshop here in Israel to create a TV-B-Gone devices.
TV-B-Gone is an open source project that uses ATMEGA mcu to send IR codes that turns off most TVs.
We looked at the following examples, but was not successful in porting the Arduino code to Photon.

I will appreciate your technical help here, since failing to run this code on the photon will force me into sending back the entire order.

Thasnk you in advance


Anything in particular that doesn’t work? The more specific, the better.

To be fair, it’s often wise to get a (couple of) kits to prototype before purchasing a bigger lot. Sending something back because you can’t get it to do the specific thing you’re trying to do is questionable, in my personal opinion.

That being said, if there’s something we can assist with, all the better :smile:



using the links you posted and reasonable competency with micro-controllers & C, you should be able to complete this task.

However, it is unlikely others will write the code for you. By posting your efforts so far you should get some good assistance & advice.


Why do you need to port the code? The code has already been ported to Particle by Van Myers (your second link).