Emulating the functionality of a TV-B-Gone with a Photon

How do I emulate the functionality of a TV-B-Gone with a infrared led I found in a old remote I found and a led along the awesome microcontroller that is the Photon.

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You’d need an infrared library, and then all possible ‘off’ codes for all manufacturers. Then ‘simply’ cycle through them.

@rpiswag, the Arduino code for the TB-B-Gone is available here. The code can be ported to the Photon but requires the use of some hardware timers which can be done with the SparkIntervalTimer library as soon as it is supported in the soon-to-be-released Photon firmware. :smile:

peekay123 would you be willing to port the TV-B-Gone arduino code to the Photon?

@rpiswag, not right now but once the new firmware is available, I could take a shot. :smile:

Thanks! :smiley:

Check out @AnalysIR’s posts about generating IR signals on Arduino. At the end of part two, there’s even a link to some Photon code. That might help get you started.