Particle photon flashing red - panic, assert failed


My particle photon was working fine and suddenly after restarting it, it started to flash red


The message in the console is panic, assert_failed

I have no idea what i can do to do a hard reset… I tried to enter in safe mode but it doesnt work. It start blinking green, for a couple of seconds it blinks cyan and then red… Then it gets restarted and it starts the process again

Any idea what i can do?


Hi @javidr - will this tool work for you: Device Restore USB | Tools | Particle ?

If it doesn’t, try putting the device in DFU mode: Status LED and Device Modes - Photon | Tutorials | Particle and following the instructions here:

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For any reason it didnt allow me to go into DFU mode, but after some attempts it worked. Thanks

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