Particle photon connection isssue

Your device is connected to your network but we weren't able to connect to the Internet and the Particle Cloud. Please try again.

Sounds like a local network issue!

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This is typically caused by a captive portal where you have to agree to terms of service before accessing the Internet (not supported by the Photon), or a firewall issue, see firewalls.

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Hi @Savvas -

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I am little late, but if you havent figured it out yet, an easy test would be to set up e.g. hotspot on your phone and connect the Photon to that. If you can access internet (Particle Cloud) that way, it most likely is local network issue as @marekparticle and @rickkas7 mentioned.

Best of luck!
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Hi @friedl_1977 i manage to connect it through a hotspot on my phone

Hi @Savvas

Well, the good news is the device then is all good. The bad news is you will have to troubleshoot your local network.

As previously suggested, a likely culprit might be the firewall (if you have one running). Can you turn it off and rest again?

Regards, Friedl.