Particle on the Farm

As cool as a quadcopter or self-balancing robot are to make, I just wanted to share a project that has really taken it back-to-basics for making things… Particle in the hands of farmers, the original, makers.

Particle Cricket Incubator

Tech highlights:
– PID control of temperature/humidity and a slew of environmental sensors to keep crickets happy.
– Data collection, Control, and Alerts via Particle cloud (of course) to keep the farmer and techies happy.
– 4 DHT-22’s, commercial relay shield, etc.
– Designed for Particle Photon and Electron (pre-rPi so hard line installs shouldn’t be an issue now)

*In full disclosure, I was contracted by the project for development and consultation. This is my personal view of the coolness of the Particle tech application and receive no compensation for this post.