Particle Balance Bot

Okay… so here’s Particle doing fun stuff as well. This is a port of a cool balance bot from jjrobots. I’m using it to study control systems and Particle’s various threading modes.

Techie details:
– Particle Photon as the brains
– Particle shield shield (black edition)
– Nema17 steppers + DRV8825 drivers + generic CNC stepper shield
– MPU6050

I use Blynk to adjust PID on the fly and for steering (network lag is an issue)… but I’m also using my phone to make the video so no steering in this shot.



This is awesome

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So cool!

@efatsi, @will, Thanks.Particle is a cool platform.
I’ll post the code on git when I get the wobble out.

I would advise enabling multithreading SYSTEM_THREAD(ENABLED); to ensure your motors/sensors update as fast as possible, when there is no background Cloud connection messages to process. You might not see much of a difference on the Photon though but worth a shot. This is more noticeable on the Electron because of the slower AT command interface.