Particle photon + blynk + analog motor control

i need someone to take pitty on me and help me out with a project I am working on. I am new to new have just enough programming knowledge to get me in trouble. I usualy find a example and alter it to work for my project but cant find anything for this one. I have a large bot I built that I ran with rc control. I found these particle photon chips and the blynk app thought hey what a idea. Here is what I want to do I want to drive my bot using the blynk app and a particle photon chip with a sabertooth 2/25 motor controller. I know I need to use the analog mode on the sabertooth I have tried to control the sabertooth with just the blynk app via joystick button like I do for servos and relays but it wont do anything…I have read all the docs from sabertooth and blynk and photon but I am lost. Does anyone have a example of some code that I can see on how to control a motor control with blynk through the photon chip… please…sorry if I put this in the wrong spot… I am lost…

Not necessarily. The Photon could also use any of the serial modes the Sabertooth supports.

But there are other threads also dealing with Sabertooth drivers. Maybe one of them can get you started on that front. Once you can control the driver, you may add the Blynk stuff.