Particle nodes as access points

I am looking for ideas for simplest route to solve a problem.
My project has a bunch of mobile devices that store data. I want to be able to access this stored data remotely using Android phone. In the device I am planning on using Photon with serial data connection to my device.

Ideally, I would be able to set up a list in the Android app of all available remote devices then simply select the remote device I want to collect data and “download” the data from the remote device to the Android over the wifi.

My guess is the photon would need to be set up as Access points that would receive a command from the Android and then code in Photon would request info from the device and then forward it to the Android.

Any ideas, links to tutorial or similar project would be much appreciated.

So you want to connect individually to a Photon that is in listening mode / Soft AP and download the data using TCP?

I want to be able to individually access each remote device.

Basically, I have a bunch of vehicles and a technician will walk around with an Android gathering data from each vehicle.
I did consider Electron and direct to web post of events but users don’t want to have SIM for every vehicle. Another option was to have a common access point and vehicles upload automatically as they are in range of the AP. But, some of the vehicles do not go within range of a specific location very often.

Currently I use Bluetooth (SPP) to get the data but the pairing is very slow.

How about having your Android phone to be the common AP for the devices?

Would this work by setting up connection to the Android AP and later the App on the Android can issue a command to poll for any stored data from a specific machine at any time? The Proton would then forward the command via serial port to the host and the host returns data to upload to the Android?

I wouldn’t see why not - although I didn’t quite follow the exact work flow there (what’s the host that communicates serially with the Photon and how would it upload the data?) :blush:
Once the Photon is connected to the AP, you’ll have all Particle cloud functions and TCP/UDP features at your own disposal on it - no idea what you can or cannot do with your host.

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Excellent, I missed that the photon could now push data directly using publish.
The host is a micro controller-based system that is fitted in the vehicle. It has specific events that occur that we want to push to the web. The controller is 32bit ARM processor (PSOC 5LP). So, the events are being generated in this device and because the mobile will not always be available then the device will store the data until the phone is in range.
I suppose we need something from the photon to indicate to the device that it is ready for data. The device then sends data via the serial (TTL) to the photon and the photon needs to then publish the records.
The records are small (12 bytes) but there may be say 200 records accumulate before phone is in range again.
Hope this makes sense.

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