Photons connecting to internet via Android

I have an application where there will be a number of devices that are collecting and storing data. Each device will store the data to a single file and use Photon wifi link to upload data to the web.

There is no fixed Access Point or Wifi Network available so I wanted to use an Android to download data from each device and upload to the web but I am not sure how to do this and would appreciate any help.

One thought I had was whether the Android could be set up as an access point and when a device is within range, it will connect to the android and upload the data (The Android will have a SIM and transfer data to a web portal once uploaded from the devices). Or is there an easier or better way to do this?

One issue I have with this (if it would work) is that the user does not know which devices have been read. In this case, could an app be used to set up the HotSpot and then also show transfer details as they occur?