Particle Mesh Questions

Currently I have the Electron and have designed a carrier board for the Electron. My question is with the “Particle Classic Accessory Adapter” you offer, can I still use my Electron carrier board by using the adapter and either the Argon or Boron LTE with it?

Also unfortunately I have moved to a location where I have only Verizon service. Does the Boron LTE sim support Verizon?

Thanks for you help.

Yes, classic adapter is intended to allow a new mesh device (Argon/Boron/Xenon) to be plugged into a board with a socket designed for a Photon or Electron.

(Note: the picture is wrong, taken with a pre-production unit. The connector on the bottom side of the board has male pins, not a female socket.)

The Boron LTE cannot be used with the Particle SIM card on Verizon. Only AT&T is supported in the United States for LTE. It may be possible to use it with a Verizon SIM card, as the SARA-R410M-02B modem on the Boron LTE should be compatible, but this has not been tested.


thanks rick…do you know what GPIO pins will be supported? In order words if I use pin A0 on the Electron will that be the same with the adapter?

I don’t have the specifics yet. Some pin mappings are logical, D0 will be D0, RX will RX, and so on.

Things get a little tricky particularly with SPI on A2-A5. The problem is that the mesh devices have dedicated pins for SPI, separate from the A pins. I don’t know how that is handled, or the B/C pins on the Electron.

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